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Wallas 22GB Marine Diesel Heater and installation kit (2.2kw)

Wallas 22GB Marine Diesel Heater and installation kit (2.2kw)
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£1,784.82 (including 20 % tax)

This GB is a 2.2kw diesel fired hot air heater suitable for running a dry heating system (ducting and vents). 

The new 22GB offers increased heating power and greater air volume for boat owners. More heating power means you can heat up your boat faster, saving power and fuel with shorter heating time.

A new, more powerful brushless motor gives higher efficiency to the heater and better moisture management. Improving on the features of the 22DT, the new 22GB moves more air, improving ventilation and fresh air flow.

With its new laminar flow burner and new software, the 22GB can work wit todays road and boat diesels (EN590) but also with future renewable (HVO 15940) and blended (B10 EN 16734, B20/B30 EN 16709) bio road diesels. This means this new model is ready for fuels being developed for the future. The new burner has ultra low emissions, including very low CO2 and NOx levels.

Outside dimensions, controls and connectivity are the same as the old models. So upgrading to the latest version is quick and easy.

Offshore Kit contents

  • Wallas 22GB diesel heater (and mounting bracket)
  • 4m of plastic fuel hose, fuel filter, 4m power cable, fuse box and fuses
  • 1 x Control panel
  • 1 x Exhaust hull fitting
  • 1.5m exhaust tube
  • 6.5m x 75mm dia warm air ducting
  • 1 x dip pipe
  • 2 x warm air outlet grills

Inland Kit contents

  • Wallas 22GB diesel heater (and mounting bracket)
  • 4m power cable and fuse box and fuses
  • 1 x Control panel
  • 1 x Exhaust hull fitting
  • 1.5m exhaust tube
  • 6.5m x 75mm dia warm air ducting
  • 1 x dip pipe
  • 4m x copper fuel pipe
  • 1 x inline fuel filter
  • 1 x isolation valve
  • 2 x warm air outlet grills

There are three main reasons to buy a Wallas heating system over its competitors:

  • Quality and Reliability - The laminar burn process is extremely tolerant of the somewhat dubious quality fuels we get on the waterways, and as a true marine heater its non-ferrous construction and superior build quality is the foundation for years of faithful service.
  • Efficiency - The 12v consumption of the DT range is extremely low, and the fuel consumption is fantastic, heating your boat need'nt cost a fortune! 
  • Quiet Running - The laminar burn process is alot quieter than other diesel heating products, you dont get that "jet engine" noise that annoys you and any neighbouring boats.

Dimensions of heater

  • 424mm Long x 140mm Wide x 278mm H


  • Room sealed / Balanced flue combustion
  • Heat output =  1kw - 2.2kw
  • Diesel Fuel consumption = 0.1 - 0.25 litres/hr
  • Rated voltage = 12v
  • Rated current for 12v = 0.7 - 1.2A
  • Airflow = 51 - 79 m3 per hour
  • Air ducting diameter = 75mm
  • Exhaust diameter = 28mm inner, 45mm outer

Control panel Operation

Smooth, intelligent PI thermo control option                 

Wallas PI-thermo control adjusts the heater to heat up fast and after that it keeps the effect of the heater even to assure smooth cabin temperature without any changing blowing noises.

Manual control option

The heater can alternatively be controlled by simple rheostat in manual control mode.
Two step air boost

To enhance cabin drying, the main blower speed can be elevated independent of the heating power setting using the air boost function.

Fresh air ventilationDuring warm days it is handy to blow fresh air into the cabin without heating, using the Ventilation feature.
Sun switch

The Sun Switch feature reduces energy use by automatically stopping the heater when weather conditions elevate cabin temperature. The Sun Switch will shut the heater down if cabin temperatures dwell above 3 degrees C above the thermostatic set point for more than 30 minutes.

Accidental start stop feature

Accidental heater starts or stops are prevented by a two second start/stop button delay

Please note that the control panel is supplied with a bezel so it can either be flush or surface mounted.

  • The Wallas 22GB is a room sealed product. It draws combustion air down the outer skin of the exhaust tubing (from the skin fitting), then after the combustion process expels it out through the inner skin of the exhaust tubing (out the skin fitting). This means that it is not using an air form within the boat.
  • The combustion air inlet / exhaust outlet can be seen on the top side of the heater in the centre.
  • The circulation air (that is heated and blown into the cabin) is drawn into the two large holes on one end of the heater, over the heat exchanger and then blown out the two large holes at the other end of the heater. The Wallas is deliberatley designed so that it can be mounted either way round, therefore you can position the heater to face the correct way, rather than have to pass ducting 180 degrees back on itself.
  • It is also worth noting that in order to preserve the heat output from the heater you may want to insulate longer lengths of ducting so that the air doesnt lose some of its heat on the way to the outlet.
  • If you do not wish the circulation air to be drawn from the space in which the heater is mounted, we can provide an "inlet kit". This is a length of ducting and a stainless steel grill for bulkhead mounting. Please note that you would need two of these kits if you wish the heater to draw circulation air from a completely separate space to where it is mounted.
  • When installing a Wallas 22GB, 30GB or 40DT you will need to run ducting around the boat / cabin to position outlets and hence distribute the heat.

Inland waterways considerations
The most popular inland boats for these units to be installed in are river Cruisers, this leads to a number of things needing to be considered:
  • Wallas heaters use a top mounted dip pipe fuel take off (when drawing from the main tank). Therefore access to the top of the tank is neccessary (side access is possible, please ask for details),
  • All fuel pipe to pass BSS regulations will need to be copper or ISO7840 rated rubber,
  • Exhaust positioning, fuel supply and 12v supply will all be subject to BSS regulations,
  • One of our (Ely Boat Chandlers) members of staff is an independant Boat Safety Scheme examiner and would be happy advise a customer regarding BSS regulations relating to fitment of a Wallas 22GB (or alternative model). Fitment of a marine diesel heater sounds problematic, but if you follow the installation manual provided and take account of BSS regulations it is pretty simplistic compared to many other DIY installations carried out by boatowners

How to order 

We have two payment methods for mailorder:

You can pay online with your card via SagePay, we will then call you prior to despatching the item to answer any questions you may have and confirm the delivery method and timescale. OR you can pay via telephone as explained below:

  1. At Ely Boat Chandlers we are a family run business dedicated to getting the right products to you, so give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
  2. Give us a call on 01353 663095, our opening times are shown on the website. If we aren't open then leave us a message or email us and we would be more than happy to call you back as soon as possible.
  3. We will talk you through any questions you may have or any further information you require.
  4. We can take safe and secure payment over the phone using a debit or credit card.
  5. We take down your details and organise a courier to deliver the stove to the address you specify.

*We reserve the right to refuse free delivery in exceptional circumstances

Choosing the right Heating System

As you will be able to see from other pages on our website we offer a number of heating solutions to suit your needs both inland and offshore, therefore we are in a great position to help advise you which product might best suit you. We believe one of the most important things is to think how you want to use the boat and then work backwards to identifty a product that will suit you. We have listed below what we consider to be the main advantages of installing a Wallas diesel heating system:
At Ely Boat Chandlers we will spend time helping you to choose the right heating product to suit your needs. We can help you regarding installation questions, boat safety questions and performance questions. Please note that we are Wallas main dealers and as such can carry out warranty or repair work (not that you should need it ofcourse).


Last Updated: Tuesday, 21 May 2019 11:54

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