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EcoZoom Versa Rocket-stove (burns charcoal, wood & bio-mass)

EcoZoom Versa Rocket-stove (burns charcoal, wood & bio-mass)
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£108.95 (including 20 % tax)

The Ecozoom Versa can use wood, charcoal or biomass, so its incredibly flexible to use in many different circumstances and conditions. Its great instead of a BBQ, or if camping, caravanning or boating ..... its an easy way to cook outdoors!

Why use a rocket stove?

  • It burns 60% less fuel than an open fire and generates 70% less smoke
  • Its quick to light and quick to heat up
  • Less fuel burned means less to find, carry or pay for
  • You don't need electricity or gas!

How do I use one?

  • If burning wood then sticks are placed end into the combustion chamber and slowly inserted as they burn down. The more sticks then the hotter it gets. The lower damper door is left open to maximise the airflow.
  • If burning charcoal then the top firebox door is closed, then the lower damper door is opened to control the airflow. Charcoal is simply loaded in the top. The greater the air flow then the quicker and hotter the burn.
  • Simply place your pan, griddle, kettle or Danish oven on the top and you're cooking!


  • Durable three-pronged cast iron top
  • Fully insulated body retains and transfers maximum heat to your pot or pan
  •  Refractory metal lined combustion chamber
  • Reinforced metal door frames
  • Sturdy steel handles with silicone grips keep the handles cool while the stove is hot
  • The bottom is insulated but will get hot with prolonged use


  • Height: 267mm
  • Top diameter: 284mm
  • Weight: 6.5kg
  • Material: Metal outer skin, Cast iron top
  • Stick support included
  • Colour: Grey




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