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EcoZoom Dura rocket-stove (burns wood only) - FREE delivery

EcoZoom Dura rocket-stove (burns wood only) - FREE delivery
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£88.95 (including 20 % tax)

The Dura is a rugged wood burner from Ecozoom, its the simplest of the range and built to last. Its great instead of a campfire or BBQ, or if camping, caravanning or boating ..... its an easy way to cook outdoors!

Why use a rocket stove?

  • The Dura burns 60% less fuel than an open fire and generates 70% less smoke. That is the whole ethos behind the range or rocket stoves from EcoZoom
  • Its quick to light and quick to heat up
  • Less fuel burned means less to find, carry or pay for
  • You don't need electricity or gas!

How do I use one?

  • The sticks are placed end into the Dura combustion chamber and slowly inserted as they burn down. The more sticks then the hotter it gets.
  • Its incredibly quick and easy to light the Dura, and it gets hot in no time
  • Simply place your pan, griddle, kettle or Danish oven on the top and you're cooking!


  • Durable three-pronged cast iron top
  • The Dura's fully insulated body retains and transfers maximum heat to your pot or pan
  • Refractory metal lined combustion chamber
  • Reinforced metal burner aperture
  • Sturdy steel handles with silicone grips keep the handles cool while the stove is hot
  • The bottom is insulated but will get hot with prolonged use


  • Height: 241mm
  • Top diameter: 260mm
  • Weight: 4.66kg
  • Material: Metal outer skin, Cast iron top
  • Stick support included
  • Colour: Blue



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Last Updated: Tuesday, 19 February 2019 03:58

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