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Rocket Stoves

These fantastic portable stoves are a great product for anyone who loves the great outdoors ..... they are perfect for cooking in the garden, camping or when boating!. The basic principle of the rocket stove is that its vertical burner design and natural draught air flow gives an intense burn from a very small amount of fuel (60% less fuel and 70% less smoke than an open fire).

Used all over the world, the EcoZoom range was developed to help developing communities to cook using their local resources sustainably. Built to last they will provide many years service wherever in the world you are.

La Plancha (Ecozoom) - A unique twin rocket-stove cook range

£270.00 (including 20 % tax)
You Save: £89.99
The Plancha is a versatile, portable and powerful rocket stove cooking range from Ecozoom. It can burn wood, biomass and charcoal. Great for camping or at home. The twin burners gives so many flexible cooking options, and the variable height flue keeps sm 
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Last Updated: Tuesday, 21 May 2019 12:14

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