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Pro Charge Ultra battery chargers


This is the latest range of battery chargers to be launched by Sterling, it builds upon the success of the Pro-Charge range (which we are still selling whilst stocks last) with added features that make these extremely capable products to look after your batteries.

  • 2 digital readouts on the charger for Voltage and Current. This allows you to see exactly what the unit is doing.
  • A power meter to show what reserve power the unit has (what % of its capacity isnt being utilised by the current load)
  • 32 LED information panel on the charger
  • A High voltage de-sulphation cycle to help extend the life of oyur batteries and reverse the signs of wear.
  • A multiple speed fan. This means that it will only switch on at the appropriate speed to the load, therefore reducing noise quite significantly compared to older charger models.
  • Battery temperature sensor. This is normally only provided with much more expensive units and is an excellent addition to the package. Now that the charger receives feedback about temperature it can charge as quickly as possible but ensure that it is not damaging the batteries by raising the temperature excessivley.
  • Input voltage of 90-270v (40-70hz). This make the charger extremely forgiving of somewhat "dodgy" mains power that some marinas or generators may provide.
  • 11 pre-programmed battery curves. Basically this means that it will have a setting to suit the type of batteries on your boat.
  • As a marine product all metals used are non-ferrous
  • Remote control as an option (this is detailed on our website as product (PCUR)

There are a number of other technical advances and specifications regarding this product, but unless you're a bit of a "techy" the main advantages of this charger are: increased performance and clear displays so you can see exactly what is happening with your charger and batteries.

Please note: We dont stock the entire range, but we can obtain them quickly and competitively. If you would like a quotation for a model you dont see listed then please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email and we would be delighted to deal with your enquiry.

  • 10A (PCU1210)
  • 20A (PCU1220)
  • 30A (PCU1230)
  • 40A (PCU1240)
  • 50A (PCU1250)
  • 60A (PCU1260)
  • Remote control - supplied as an optional extra (PCUR)
  • 24V versions are available (different capacities to those listed above). Please ask for details

How do I order from Ely Boat Chandlers?

We have two payment methods for mailorder:

You can pay online with your card via SagePay, we will then call you prior to despatching the item to answer any questions you may have and confirm the delivery method and timescale. OR you can pay via telephone as explained below:

  1. At Ely Boat Chandlers we are a family run business dedicated to getting the right products to you, so give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
  2. Give us a call on 01353 663095, our opening times are shown on the website. If we aren't open then leave us a message or email us and we would be more than happy to call you back as soon as possible.
  3. We will talk you through any questions you may have or any further information you require.
  4. We can take safe and secure payment over the phone using a debit or credit card.
  5. We take down your details and organise a courier to deliver the item to the address you specify.

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Remote control (PCUR)

£70.91 (including 20 % tax)
You Save: £21.49
as an optional extra for the Pro Charge Ultra range this remote comes with a 10m harness to allow mounting in a convenient place 
Product Details...

Sterling 10A Pro Charge Ultra (PCU1210) 12 volt battery charger

£188.99 (including 20 % tax)
You Save: £56.59
The baby of the new Sterling range, this 10A 12v battery charger offers amazing functionality and features to keep your batteries in tip top condition. Ideal for smaller boats or motorhomes 
Product Details...

Sterling 20A Pro Charge Ultra (PCU1220) 12 volt battery charger

£238.99 (including 20 % tax)
You Save: £71.81
With 20 Amps (12v) output, and the capability of charging 3 separate battery banks, this charger is the best selling in the Sterling range!. Ideal for mid sized boats and motorhomes 
Product Details...

Sterling 30A Pro Charge Ultra (PCU1230) 12 volt battery charger

£277.99 (including 20 % tax)
You Save: £80.81
with thirty Amps (12v) output on upto three battery banks this Sterling charger can handle the larger electrical systems (200A/hr - 500 A/hr). It is ideal for medium sized boats and larger motorhomes. 
Product Details...

Sterling 40A Pro Charge Ultra (PCU1240)

£313.60 (including 20 % tax)
You Save: £94.39
As one of the larger in the range, at 40A this charger is suited to boats with larger electrical systems (300A/hr - 600A/hr) 
Product Details...

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