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The Traveller Stove (with wings)

The Traveller Stove (with wings)
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£699.00 (including 20 % tax)

The Traveller from Anevay is a portable wood-burning stove that is great for longer camping trips and small spaces. Its sturdy yet lightweight design will give you cosy heat and the ability to cook.

With the appropriate flue and flashing kit the Traveller is suitable for Tipi's, Bell tents, Yurts and even your shed or workshop. It isn't suitable for fitment in a house or boat.

How do I use it what can it do?

  • The stove is mounted on a sturdy tray but should still be stood on a stable and level surface. Distance to combustibles etc need to be considered
  • Fuel can be added through the front door, or the top (the top surface lifts to expose the flame)
  • The burn is controlled by a top vent, and the unique 3 position door latch system, this gives you the control to light it easily and adjust its heat output as you desire
  • The top surface is ideal for cooking on or boiling a kettle, and if just used normally it will radiate lovely cosy dry heat just like you would expect
  • The fixed wings can be used to warm food, or to help radiate heat
  • It is suitable for fitment into appropriate canvas tents or a shed, ski-cabins etc, but additional flue components (flashing kits are needed). All the usual safety considerations need to be observed when considering where and how you will use your Traveller stove 

Please note: These videos are by the manufacturer not ourselves


(Please note that there is also a version of the stove without the wings)

  • Upright fire box with top vent
  • Removable grate for use when burning solid fuel
  • Fixed wings (for using as warming trays and to help radiate heat)
  • Please note this listing is for the stove only. You will need flue parts or flue kit in addition for fitment


  • Output capacity: 3.5 to 4kw max (depending upon fuel used)
  • Weight: 24.7kg (29kg with tray and wings)
  • Dimensions (main body): 60cm x 37cm x 37cm (without wings)
  • Flue diameter: 4"
  • Fuel: Wood or solid fuel
  • Material of construction: Steel, Glass


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