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Sterling Pro Combi S 12v 2500w (2.5KW)

Sterling Pro Combi S 12v 2500w (2.5KW)
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Sterling Pro Combi S 12/2500 - LIMITED TIME OFFER

As the middle of the range this Inverter Charger is ideal for those who are running mid size items such as microwaves or kettles, and those who are running sensitive items such as flat screen TV's and computers 
  • 2500w Pure sine wave inverter
  • 70A (@ 12v) Battery charger
  • Battery charger will automatically detect and set for the battery bank size. There are 8 battery type options (e.g Gel, Wet lead acid etc) and de-sulphation capability
  • Dimensions: (mm) (w x h x l): 185 x 180 x  430 (1600 & 2500); 227 x 180 x 512 (3500)
  • Weight: 20kg (1500); 20kg (2500); 24kg (3500)
  • Status and Warning LED display is mounted on the main body of the unit
  • Remote panel (front control panel removable as remote, 10m remote cable)
  • Remote panel can be used to switch the unit On and Off

If you have any questions about this product please feel free to give us a call on 01353 663095 or 01353 640008.

  • Basically the unit is a combined inverter (converts 12v DC to 240v AC) and battery charger (that converts 240v AC to 12v DC).
  • When plugged into the mains the unit will use the 240v power available to power the battery charger and hence charge the batteries. The unit also has a transfer switch / Relay so that when the mains is connected, rather than using the inverter the mains power can be switched straight through to your 240v system (hence you arent drawing on the batteries).
  • When NOT plugged into the mains the unit wont be able to charge the batteries (because it hasnt got an external power source to draw from) but will act as an inverter to power your 240v system.
  • A clever feature is that the unit has a crossover function so if you are running equipment on your 240v system and for whatever reason the mains input to the charger is cut, the inverter will switch on and continue to support your 240v usage quick enough that your equipment will be unaffected (less than 20 milliseconds)

A pure sine-wave AC output is exactly the same as comes out of the socket in your wall at home. A Quasi sine-wave is an approximation of a pure sine wave, instead of being a smooth wave it is a series of steps that approximate a smooth wave.

A Quasi sine wave inverter will run most generic equipment such as phone chargers, Hair dryers, Microwaves, Kettles, Fridges etc (obviously the inverter needs to be an appropriate size to run the desired piece of equipment). However, more technical equipment normally needs a Pure sine wave to run sensitive circuitry or motors, some specific examples are computers, washing machines and flat screen TV's (again the inverter needs to be appropriately sized to run the desired piece of equipment). 

For the full specification of the range please see the table below

General specification
Input wave formSinusoidalPure sine wave
Nominal voltageInput 230 v a/cInput 230 v
Low voltage trip184v+/- 4%a/c 184v+/- 4%
Minimum engagevoltage 194v +/- 4%voltage 194v +/- 4%
High voltage trip253v +/- 4%253v +/- 4%
High voltage re engage243v +/- 4% 270 v rms243v +/- 4%
Max input a/c voltage270 v rms270 v rms
Nominal input frequency50hz or 60hz auto detect50hz or 60hz auto detect
Low frequency trip7 hz for 50 hz, 58 hz for 60 hz47 hz for 50 hz, 58 hz for 60 hz
High frequency trip53 hz for 50 hz, 62 hz for 60 hz53 hz for 50 hz, 62 hz for 60 hz
Output wave form(on bypass mode) same as input(on bypass mode) same as input
Overload protectionCircuit breakerCircuit breaker
Short circuit protectionCircuit breakerCircuit breaker
Transfer switch rating30 amp1500-2500 w = 30 amp
3500 w= 50 amp
Efficiency online transfer mode96%+95%+
Line transfer time20 ms20ms
Bypass without battery connectedyesYes
Max bypass current30 amps30 amps
Bypass overload current35 amps: Alarm35 amps: Alarm
Inverter specification / output
Output wave formModified Sine Wave/ Quasi sine wavePure sine wave
Output continuous power watts1600 
continuous 2100 (2500 30 min), 3200 ( 3500 30 mins)
Output continuous power VA2400 
Power factor0.9 – 1.00.9 – 1.0
Nominal output voltage rms230vac230vac
Max voltage rms260vac260vac
Output voltage regulation+/- 10% rms+/- 10% ms
Output frequency50hz+/-0.3hz or 60hz+/-0.3hz50hz+/-0.3hz or 60hz+/-0.3hz
Transient response time<150ms;0% to 100% RCD load<150ms;0% to 100% RCD load
Nominal efficiency>85%>88%
Surge rating1500model=4500va 
2500model = 7200va
PQS1500 = 4500va 
PQS2500 = 7200va
Online current consumption at 12 v/24v
12v: 1.8a 24: 0.9anot available until March 2008
Power saver mode current consumption12v: 0.4a 24v: 0.2anot available until March 2008
Short circuit protectionyes, less than 3 cyclesyes, less than 3 cycles
Inverter specification / input
Nominal input voltage12 or 24 v depending on model12 or 24 v depending on model
Minimum start voltage10 v for 12 v model 20v for 24 v10 v for 12 v model 20v for 24 v
Low battery alarm10.5v for 12 v model 21v for 24 v10.5v for 12 v model 21v for 24 v
Low battery trip10 v for 12 v model 20v for 24 v10 v for 12 v model 20v for 24 v
High voltage alarm15.5 for 12v model 30v for 24 v15.5 for 12v model 30v for 24 v
Power saverBelow 20 watts when enabledBelow 20 watts when enabled
Power savercan be switched on/off on remote controlSame switched on/off on remote control
Charger mode specification
Input voltage range196-245 v ac196-245 v ac
Output voltageDependent on battery type selectionDependent on battery type selection
Output current 12 v model1600: 40A; 2500: 50A1500: 40A; 2500: 70A; 3500: 100A
Output current 24 v model1600: 20A; 2500: 25A1500: 20A; 2500: 35A; 3500: 50A
Initial voltage for start up0-15v for 12 v x 2 /24v0-15v for 12 v x 2 /24v
Over charge protection shutdown15.712v x2for24v15.712v x2for24v


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