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Outboard Servicing

Outboard Servicing at Ely Boat Chandlers

At EBC we are Cambridgehsire's authorised Honda Marine dealer (our local customer base stretches from Peterborough and right into Norfolk). Our business has been selling Honda outboards for the past 20 years, therefore we have substantial experience with the Honda Marine range and our customers needs. We are therefore delighted to offer sales, service and repair of all Honda outboard motors from 2.3hp to 50hp.

As an authorised Honda Marine dealer we have the relevant training and equipment to deal with the technology the modern engines rely upon.

 For more information please feel free to call us on 01353 663095 or 01353 640008

Should you have another brand of outboard that you need servicing, please call us to discuss your requirements.

Why get your outboard engine serviced at a Honda dealer?

  • We use Honda genuine parts. These will not only out-last inferior pattern parts but they will aslso keep your engine within the terms of the warranty.
  • We are trained by and liase closely with Honda UK, therefore we have the correct information, training and knowledge to be able to service your outboard to manufacturers specifications.
  • We have agreed labour rates and times with Honda, therefore you can be assured that the service on your outboard will be competitivley priced.
  • In the unlikely event that you would need warranty work carrying out on your engine we are fully authorised to do so within the Honda warranty agreement - NON DEALERS CANNOT DO THIS WORK.
  • If we dont have the Honda parts in stock needed for the repair or service of your engine then we can obtain them the next working day (if ordered before 12pm). 

What level of service do we offer?

Please call us on 01353 663095 or 01353 640008 to book your outboard engine in for service or repair, then we can ensure that we are expecting you and are able to conduct the work to meet your timescale requirements.

Service at our retail premises

  • The engine can be brought to our retail premises in Ely where our service work is conducted.
  • We will help you out of the car with the outboard and into our workshop (or lift it for you if you are unable)
  • We fill out an outboard customer service form to ascertain exactly what work you want carried out and a desired timescale for when you want the work completed.
  • We will run your engine prior to and after service to ensure that it is performing correctly (both idling and under load)
  • We will call you to ask permission prior to ordering in any expensive parts, or undertaking any unexpected labour intensive repairs. That way you are kept fully informed as to the progress of your engine service and the cost.
  • Once the service or repair is complete we will call you to inform you that the engine is ready for collection, and provide you with the final cost.
  • Upon collection we will talk you through the work conducted and provide you with an itemised invoice for your records. We will keep an electronic copy of the invoice and engine details, therefore we will be able to answer any future queries you may have and have a history of the engine when you bring it back to us for future service work.
  • We will then help you back into the car with the outboard.

We can service outboards on the back of boats that are backed into our drive for the day, however we have limited space and therefore consider each request on a case by case basis.

Collection and Delivery service

We can collect your outboard, service it and then deliver it back to your boat or house. The cost of this service is purely based upon the distances involved and any time needed to remove and then re-install the engine. Please note that we can only remove and fit engines on boats that are out of the water. Please clear access (and any associated access costs) with the marina management prior to our arrival.

On-Site service

We can service engines on site (where the boat is), however service work can only be conducted when the boat is out of the water. The cost of this additional level of service is purely based upon the additional time, distance and materials involved in servicing an outboard away from the workshop. Please clear access (and any associated access costs) with the marina management prior to our arrival. Please note that this service is access and weather dependant.

At Ely Boat Chandlers Ltd we understand that there are many mechanically competent outboard owners out there who will want to service their own engine. We can supply the full range of parts for Honda Marine products, from the smallest nut and bolt to replacement hoods or gearboxes.

As an authorised Honda outboard dealer we will be able to determine and supply the correct part for your engine (as dictated by your engines serial number, for example BABL-1234567), and will happily offer the advice needed to facilitate fitment of that part.

We offer a wide range of genuine Honda parts online, please follow the link below to be redirected to the relevant section of our website:

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