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Wallas XC Duo campervan kit 1.8 kw diesel blown air heater & hob

Wallas XC Duo campervan kit 1.8 kw diesel blown air heater & hob
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£1,597.80 (including 20 % tax)

Many converters and manufacturers are now fitting this. As a business we offer many products that are suitable for the Campervan, Caravan and RV market, so we can offer the advice and help you need to buy with confidence. Whether you are looking to self-fit, or supply the items for your converter to fit......we can help!

What is it in basic terms and what does it do?

The XC Duo is a diesel powered hob with a blower lid. With the lid up you have the equivalent of a two(+) ring hob to cook on, then with the lid down you effectively have a 1.8kw blown air heater.

The hob acts like a hot plate, so you can actually cook with more than two pans if desired. The temperature is simply controlled by the knob on the controller (variable between 1 and 6). One side of the hob is hotter than the other so there is always a temperature gradient across the cooking surface. With the push of a button to turn on and the push of a button to turn off its simple and easy (no smell, no fuss)

(actually the control is between 1 and 6, my mistake)

With the lid up the easy to clean ceramic glass top acts like a hot plate. The LHS is directly above the burner and is hottest, the heat is then spread across the surface to the right, hence a gradient of heat from left to right. It is actually incredibly versatile compared to a standard 2-ring LPG hob, the extra cooking surface allows you to do much more in the confined space.

With the lid down the blower passes air across the hobs surface, hence acting like a blown air heater. You can either control the temperature directly between 1 and 6 on the controller, or switch it to thermostat mode, to a desired heat level, then it will cycle up and down as appropriate to keep the temperature inside the van as consistent as possible.

(actually the control is between 1 and 6, my mistake)

By far the most popular vehicle for this is the VW T5 campervan. The XC Duo is suitable for fitment into similar size vehicles (for example a Transit conversion), but we would recommend it fitted to vehicles with a pop-top so that it isn’t too warm for you (if you want to keep it running as a night heater). If fitted to a larger vehicle then they are normally better insulated with less glass, so the unit is suitable, but ask us and we will be happy to advise.

Why choose one?

There are numerous reasons to consider the Wallas over an LPG system or Diesel heater…

  1. NO LPG in the van
  2. Low fuel consumption (0.09 to 0.19 L/hr)
  3. Low power usage (0.55A – 0.85A)
  4. Quiet in operation (very modest fan noise inside the vehicle)
  5. Silent exhaust (outside the vehicle)
  6. SAFE! (no gas on the vehicle, no open flame)
  7. Space saving (no gas locker needed and only one item rather than a hob and a heater)
  8. DRY HEAT (burning gas creates moisture, a sealed diesel system doesn’t)
  9. Fully controllable (both for cooking and heating)
  10. You can cook with more than two pans if needed

It is a press of a button to turn the XC DUO on,then a 4min start-up sequence. Then a simple press of a button to turn it off when you’re done

You don’t have the issues that come with gas on the van. You don’t need a gas locker, you don’t need the safety checks that go with a gas installation, you only need to carry the one fuel – that’s the diesel in your main tank

You don’t have an open flame in a small space, so the risk of fire is much smaller. Also you aren’t putting water vapour into the air as happens with a gas flame. Burning 3kg of LPG will give off 1kg of water vapour, that’s where your condensation comes from!. You avoid both those problems with this system.

The extremely low power and fuel consumption mean that you can leave it running as a night heater without the worry that you are costing yourself a fortune or hammering your domestic battery. Because its room sealed there isn’t the worry of Carbon Monoxide as with some other heating systems. Also, due to its quiet operation in the van and silent exhaust outside, you can get a cosy nights sleep without disturbing your campsite neighbours.

Fuel Consumption: 0.09 - 0.19 litres per hour

Power Consumption: 0.55 - 0.85A at 12v

Heat Effect: 0.9 - 1.8KW (3100 - 6200 BTU)

Dimensions: 343mm front to back, 456mm wide, 43mm above work-surface, 165mm below work surface (protrusion into cupboard space)

Please note: This video is by the UK importer not ourselves

The kit is provided with extensive fitting guides, and there is also a very good installation video on YouTube. If in doubt then please do feel free to contact us and we will happily answer any questions you may have. Below are the major steps (in no specific order)

  1. Cutting out the appropriate drop-in for the work surface, sitting the unit in and then clamping it down securely (all securing parts provided, no silicon or liquid sealants needed)
  2. Fitting the fuel pick up to the main tank, running the fuel line safely up and into the vehicle, installing the in-line fuel filter where it is visible for future inspection, then attaching to the units in-built fuel pump.
  3. Running the 12v supply direct from the domestic battery to the unit (it’s a simple plug connection)
  4. Fitting the control panel in an appropriate place. It is simple to mount with a simple plug connection. Near enough to be convenient when cooking, but mid height in the vehicle. Remember, when using the XC DUO as a heater it has thermostat control, so if you mount it too low or too high in the vehicle then it will get a false reading compared to the temperature you are experiencing.
  5. The air intake and exhaust need to be routed from the rear underside of the hob, down and through the floor, then to the exhaust / air intake assembly.
  6. The exhaust / air-intake assembly is mounted approx. 30cm in front of the rear wheel (on the opposite side to the sliding door), facing outwards below the sill (behind side-bars is not a problem).

- Hob and blower lid unit (with securing brackets)

- Thermostatic controller and connecting cable

- Fuel tank fiitings (main pick up, fuel pipe, fuel filter, connections).

Please specify the make and model of vehicle you are fitting the Wallas XC DUO into at the time of ordering, then the correct main tank pick-up can be included in the kit.

- 2m of stainless 28mm exhaust tube (with insulating sleeve) and 2m of air intake tube.

- Inlet / exhaust head assembly (complete with brackets and fixings)

- 12v cable and fuse holder (plug one end, ring connectors the other)

The unique Wallas burner design is extremely quiet, efficient and reliable, when running on road diesel you should get many seasons of use out of your XC Duo without the need of a service. Obviously like any technical product it needs to be installed correctly and will need some TLC occasionally, but the whole ethos behind the design is for you to be able to fit-it and enjoy it hassle free.

At Ely Boat Chandlers (EBC Marine) we have been selling Wallas marine heaters and cookers for over a decade, so we are very experienced with how they work and how to fit them; and as a camping & caravan member and motorhome owner myself I can talk with confidence and experience how the XC DUO would improve your camping experience.


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