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Welcome to Ely Boat Chandlers Bulk Buy scheme

With ever increasing numbers of people fitting out Narrowboats, Dutch barges and cruisers on the UK's inland waterways we have gained alot of experience supplying customers with products to make up the key systems involved in any boat fit out. Whilst we aim to keep all our products competitivley priced we are very happy to recognise a customers level of spend during a fit out and will aim to offer the very best price and service we can.

At Ely Boat Chandlers, we are a good practical chandlery. If you a see a product on the website then it will normally be a stock item (not all Wallas models stocked). This means we can answer any practical questions you might have quickly and easily. Also you can come in and see the product for yourself!.

We dont put all the products on the website that we stock (over 4000 items) or can obtain, so if you dont see what you're after then please ask!

We have access to a huge range of products and brands you might not see listed, so ask us and I'm sure we can source what you require. Purchasing and choosing the large items is often only half the job, we stock a huge range of wiring, hosing, water fittings, gas fittings, s/s screws and bolts and the practical bits you need to fit out a boat.      

At Ely Boat Chandlers we stock a wide variety of products and brands you might need when fitting out a boat (Narrowboat, Dutch Barge or Cruiser). We are knowledgeable about all the products we stock, and the types of products we can source. What you see on our website is an indication of what we stock and can obtain, if you don't see it, just ask! . Please follow the links below or from our homepage or the shop menu to get some ideas.

  • At Ely Boat Chandlers we will help specify the right equipment to suit you and your budget. Many of the items we sell are quite involved and technical so we are more than happy to run through any aspect of their performance and fitment with you.
  • We are competitive on price, from individual items to bulk buy orders.
  • We are able to offer very competitive deals on a range of products that you won't find together anywhere else in East Anglia.
  • We aim to offer a competitive and comprehensive service and will always aim to offer a complete solution to your problems or challenges.
  • We offer an ongoing discount after your initial bulk buy purchase
  • We are real people, if you want to speak to us about any aspect of a bulk buy then contact Richard or Keith on 01353 663095.

When fitting out a boat we believe the best solutions are achieved by deciding how you want to use the boat and then working backwards from there to choose the right equipment (in effect we work out the problem looking for a solution rather than vice versa).

There are a number of key questions for you to think about when fitting out a boat that will help us to put together an appropriate package for you:

  • Are you fitting out the boat as a weekend cruiser?, or
  • Are you fitting out the boat for extended cruising? (1 month+), or
  • Are you fitting out the boat for residential purposes? (a liveaboard), or
  • Are you fitting out the boat as any of the above for resale?

Then there are key questions of what services are available to you when using the boat:

  • Will you have a 240v landline at your mooring?
  • Will you have a readily available supply of LPG? (Propane or Butane)
  • Will you have a readily available supply of red diesel?
  • Will you have a readily available supply or solid fuel or wood?
  • Are there pump out sanitary or elsan disposal facilities where you will use and keep the boat?

And finally there are questions about the sort of equipment you are after:

  • Are there specific brands you wish us to look at for you?
  • Do you want to go gas free? (diesel heating and cooking)

At Ely Boat Chandlers we will happily help you work through the list in order that we can put together a comprehensive package of products that will enable you to achieve a fit out that will meet your aspirations.

  • Have a look round our website to see the sort of products we offer. Please remember that we can obtain a huge range of items, so if you dont see it on the website then just ask.
  • Have a look at the "What should I be thinking about?" section. This will run you through the sort of questions you should be asking yourself so that we can best help you buy the optimum package to suit your requirements.
  1. Email us some feedback on the "what should i be thinking about?" questions along with an initial list of what you are after. If you are unsure of doing this by email then give us a call and we will happily talk you through it. Your list need not be exhaustive, we can revise it at any point, and we do offer an ongoing discount for our bulk buy customers.
  2. We will have a look at the list and draw up a package list for an initial quotation. If we are unsure of anything on your list, or are concerned at some of your choices or need further detail then we will contact you to talk it through.
  3. We will provide a package price for your bulk buy list. The price quoted is for the bulk buy in its entirety processed in a single transaction. Individual prices are not itemised. All prices quoted are correct at the time of quotation however are subject to changes in the wholesale price upto the time the order is placed.
  4. If you want to revise the list then we will happily re-work it for you to provide a revised quotation.
  5. When you are ready to go ahead we require a 50% payment up front and a 50% final payment once the order is complete and ready for collection or delivery.
  6. Should you require delivery then we will always aim to deliver at cost in the most convenient and timely manner possible, that may be via courier or our van depending upon your circumstances.
  7. We will happily offer ongoing advice on any technical or fitment issue regarding your purchases.
  8. We offer a 10% ongoing discount for general purchases and will endeavour to offer our best possible price on further large items for the remainder of your boat fit out (maximum duration 6 months).



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