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Sterling Alternator Splitting Systems


The Pro-Split-R range of alternator splitters are the latest innovation from Sterling for dividing the charge from an alternator between two or more battery banks.

When you have more than one battery (or banks of batteries) on a boat then it can be problematic in getting your alternator(s) to effectivley charge them equally. The root of the problem is that batterys (or banks) are often different sizes and at different states of charge, therefore they will require different amounts of charge to top them up. A splitter allows the alternator to charge the batterys (or banks) independantly and hence handle the different rates and times of charge without switching off when the first battery (or bank) is full.

The problem  described above can be solved with a regular splitter diode (which we also sell), however these suffer from the problem of voltage drop. If the alternator were producing a 13.5v, then the batteries would see a reduced voltage (perhaps as little as 12.5v) therefore reducing the level of charge they receive. The Pro-split basically acts like a "clever" (micro processor ccontrolled) splitter diode that overcomes this problem and has further innovative features aswell:

  • Zero voltage drop
  • Distributes power according to need
  • The alternator charging circuit effectivley isolates all the battery banks in order to prevent backfeed in the event of high loads placed upon one battery bank.
  • Individually isolates a battery bank immediatley upon detection of a reverse feed (stops a full battery bank discharging into an empty one)
  • LED display shows the status of all the channels / connections
  • Integrated current limiting to prevent overload and short circuit
  • IP66 waterproof rating

Your choice of Alternator splitter is dictated by the size of your alternator(S) and the number of batteries or banks you wish to charge seperatley. For example, the maximum size alternator you could connect to a 120A splitter is a single 120A, or two alternators who's outputs does not exceed 120A when combined. Two alternators can be connected to a "single input" pro-split by piggy backing on the input terminal, but the golden rule is not to exceed the total capacity of the unit. Our advice is that if you are near the maximum capacity of the splitter it is best to go for the larger unit rather than working the smaller one really hard.

The Range:

  • 120A single input, twin output
  • 120A single input, three output
  • 180A single input, twin output
  • 180A single input, three output
  • 230A single input, twin output
  • 230A single input, three output
  • 2 x 130A twin input, four output
  • 24V versions are available (different capacities to those listed above). Please ask for details

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120A Durite Heavy Duty relay

£35.56 (including 20 % tax)
A baic heavy duty relay to facilitate charging of two separate batterys (or banks) from one charging source 
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30A Durite Relay

£5.26 (including 20 % tax)
Standard automotive type relay 
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70A split charge diode (2 way split)

£43.17 (including 20 % tax)
Sterling splitter diode, 70A rating, one input, two outputs 
Product Details...

70A split charge diode (3 way split)

£56.04 (including 20 % tax)
Sterling splitter diode, 70A rating, one input, three outputs 
Product Details...

90A split charge diode (2 way split)

£61.89 (including 20 % tax)
Sterling splitter diode, 90A rating, one input, two outputs 
Product Details...

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