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Frontier stove (wood burner) - FREE DELIVERY*

Frontier stove (wood burner) - FREE DELIVERY*
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£149.49 (including 20 % tax)


The Frontier is a uniquely portable little stove!, it makes a fantastic addition to any camping, caravanning or boating trip, and a fun (and practical) alternative to a BBQ!

Whilst primarily designed for use outside it can even be installed in a shed, fire retardent canvas shelter or tent*. When used with the additional flashing kit the flue passes up through the roof and a weather tight and heat resistant seal is formed by the vulcanised silicon rubber kit. Then with the spark arrestor fitted ontop of the flue to prevent the potential escape of sources of ignition and the ingress of rain, you have a very cost effective heater...

*Pleae note that there are a number of precautions and accessories that MUST be taken / used when using this appliance in an enclosed space. These include sources of ignition (on the floor, when passing through the roof, and the surrounding area) and carbon monoxide. If you are considering using the Frontier in this way then please call  us or camping solutions to discuss how this is best SAFELY achieved. Please see the "shed flashing kit" listing on this site for further details.

Disclaimer: Ely Boat Chandlers Ltd does not accept any liability to any party for loss or damage incurred by the use of the frontier flashing kit and frontier stove howsoever caused.

The stove and flue assembly weighs just over 10kg and folds up easily and quickly in just a couple of minutes. The 5 sections of flue pipe fit inside the firebox when not in use, the legs fold up against the body, and there is a convenient carry handle on the side of the stove itself, so it really is a compact item to use on the go.

When you have found a suitable spot to use the stove, simply unclip and extend the three legs, remove the flue sections from the firebox, push on the flue length with damper, then add the additional flue lengths ontop (pushing down to ensure a tight and stable fit).....then you're ready to go!

Frontier Stove Specifications:

  • Fuel: The Frontier is designed to be primarily used with wood
  • Construction material: Black painted steel
  • Weight: Approx 10kg
  • Height of cooking surface: 51cm
  • Firebox door: 155mm diameter
  • Length of stove body: 450mm
  • Width of stove body: 250mm
  • Depth of stove body: 192mm
  • Overall height (with 5 flue pieces): 2.4m
  • Diameter of chimney: 6cm
  • Number of legs: 3 (so it wont wobble on uneven ground)

Available accessories (not included in this listing):

  • Water heater
  • Stove carry bag
  • Water heater carry bag
  • Spark Arrestor
  • Additional lengths of flue
  • Flashing kit for a tent
  • Flashing kit for a shed

Frontier stove folded up in a bag (bag not included in this listing)

Frontier stove with additional hot water heater (heater not included in this listing)

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